Wellness Exams


Wellness Exames

Proper care of your pets is the best and easiest way to keep them happy and healthy. Island Veterinary Services welcomes the youngest and most senior pets into our care.

When you first fall in love and bring that new puppy or kitten home we will guide you through the first days, weeks and months providing the necessary examinations, deworming, vaccinations and other preventative measures to ensure the newest member of your family has the best start in life.

At Island Veterinary Services we recommend a complete physical exam for your pet on a yearly basis. Lots of changes can occur from year to year especially as your pet gets older. At your pet's yearly wellness exam, routine test are preformed to investigate your pet's health status and check for health problems. These tests may include checks for internal parasites, as well as heartworm and tick born diseases in dogs. Your cat may be tested for the presence of feline leukemia (FELV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) as well as heartworm disease.

Vaccinations tailored to your pet's individual needs and routine deworming are also administered by our veterinarians. Depending on exam findings other test may be recommended such as urinalysis, CBC and blood chemistries and thyroid checks. Dietary and lifestyle changes may be recommended for your pet's longevity.
As your pet ages you will notice many changes in lifestyle needs and habits. In order to maintain a good grasp on your pet's overall health we recommend annual or biannual visits. Blood, urine and faecal tests become a more important focus at these vital visits as well as radiographs and other diagnostic procedures such as EKGs. We will make recommendations based on the test results and help you to find ways to support your beloved friend through the golden years.